Learn Bhagavad Gita in 18 days

Learn Bhagavad Gita As it is in 18 days , Course offered at Free of Cost, class will be commenced through Zoom in three languages. Tamil  &  English.

About the Courses

Generally, people ask

What is Bhagavad Gita?

Can I understand it?

Is it even for every common man?

Why should I read it at this young age?

So many Bhagavad Gitas are there, which one to read?

Do I need a Guru to read it?


We answer all your questions like this and much more in this course. We have designed it to be very easy to understand and practically apply it in your life



Online Zoom Class

The course will be taken by the trained devotee through zoom, with the minimum seats of 300 in each language – Tamil & English.


 Remember what you learn by attending this easy interesting quiz. Mandatory for getting the course certificate.s..


Courses are available in English & Tamil. Please register as per your preference and join in corresponding WA group to get class notifications, quiz links, and your course material.

Question Answer

We also have a Q&A session at the end of each class. But no need to rush. You can also mail your questions to us after the class through the link shared by us. We will mail you back the answers possibly before the next session.


We will share the class notes after every session for your reference. You can also use it to solve the quizzes.


Get your course completion certificate by attending 18 classes & quizzes. You can also get a participation certificate if you have attended at least 12 classes & quizzes

Steps to attend the Learn Gita Easy Course

Follow the below mentioned steps to registration, getting regular updates and attending the class 

First you need to Register

First step you need to Register by clicking Registration link, need to fill up the Registration form ,which will consume not more than 2 minutes


Join Whatsapp Group

Once you complete the Registration process, join the whatsapp group by clicking the button in the registration page, you can select on the preferred  language to attain the course.


Zoom Class

Once joining the whatsapp group Zoom link will be shared in the group, beside all class notes , quiz link will be shared in the group. 

Note – This class has only limited seats so we serve on first come first basis.


How we will attend the Learn Gita Easy Course Classes?

Course nominators can attend through cloud platform of Zoom. Registered users will be notified via Whatsapp. 

How do I get my session questions answered?

A link will be send post-session to fill in your questions, where you can submit your questions which will directly reach to our panelists and we will email you back the answers. 

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes It will be recorded and it will be part of your course material in the course page. 

How do i get the Certificate

Once you attend 18days quiz, you will receive the certificate via email

More than one participant can be register from one family

Yes can be registered and the certificate will be based on the quiz and registration

How do i know if there is any queries apart from this

Once you registered and after joining the whatsapp group you can raise the whatsapp query to adim.

Ready to Learn?